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Samuel Andrews Family
W. Ralph Andrews

Ralph-Andrews-FeatureW. Ralph Andrews
Male View treeBorn: 1909-11-04Died: 1999-03-20
Father: Melvin Leander AndrewsMother: Floresia (Flossie) Seltzer
Children: Kenneth Andrews, Nancy (Andrews) Bestwick, R. Bruce Andrews, W. Thomas Andrews
Siblings: M. Dale Andrews, Martin Andrews
W Ralph Andrews

W Ralph Andrews, before marriage

Ralph Andrews, the youngest son of Melvin Andrews, was born Nov. 4, 1909. Only 15 when his father died, Ralph quit school and went to work to help out the family. His jobs ranged from delivering milk for Linger Light Dairy to selling, first cars for his Uncle George Andrews and later lumber for his brother Dale. In 1938 Ralph married Mary Daugherty. In his oral history, Ralph tells how, to eliminate the competition, he got Mary a job with his brother Dale.

Ralph and Mary had four children: Tom, Nancy, Bruce, and Kenny. The family first lived in Mt. Jackson on the road to Bessemer, but before Bruce was born they moved to a tri-level home in Mt. Jackson Knolls where they lived for the rest of their married years.

In 1945, Ralph bought a small insurance agency and developed it into a prosperous business that he sold when he retired at age 63. A masterful raconteur, Ralph charmed everyone with his stories about the Andrews family and the Mt. Jackson he knew and loved. Fortunately, his son Tom recorded and transcribed some of Ralph’s stories for future generations to enjoy.

Ralph Andrews with Tom. April 5, 1942

Ralph Andrews with Tom. April 5, 1942

Ralph & Mary Andrews w/ Tom and Nancy

Ralph & Mary Andrews w/ Tom and Nancy

: a person who excels in telling anecdotes

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